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History and Major Business Content
  • Cantact angle Analyser P-CAM/M patent application & design patents application
  • P-CAM/A patent application
  • Technifor Laser Marking and Scribing Marking Software Development And Marking Machine supply
  • Contact angle Analyser (UNI-CAM) Development and Surface Analyser Software Development
  • Contact angle Analyser Software migration and upgrade
  • Software Development and supply
  • Machine vision software development and Software supply
  • Semiconductor automation measuring equipment and Application
  • Software Development and supply
  • Material Testing machine(UTM) Motor type,Hydraulic
  • Software Development and supply
  • Fatigue testing machines and Special testing machines
  • Software Development and supply
  • LG Philips LCD ECS Automated transportation system
  • Contact angle software & Analysis equipment Development and supply
Major business content
Contact angle Analyser

Surface hydrophile property,
Surface Hydrophobicity,
Surface Tension,
Surface Energy

Auto tilting system (2018 UNI-CAM)
Machine Vision

Image processing, Detecting and
Taking out defective Vision software

Machine vision solution
Universial Testing Machines

Mechanical UTM,Hydraulic UTM,
Indicate,Application software

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Marking Machines

Laser Marking, Portable Marking,
Scribing Marking Machines,
Application software

Marking Machines
Industrial Automation Mahines & Measuring equipment